Where can I elope?
You can elope pretty much anywhere – as long as it’s legal and we can access it of course. That includes out of the province and out of the country!

Will you plan everything?
Yes, we will plan everything associated with your elopement including securing necessary permits, accommodation, transportation, etc.


What is a pop-up wedding?
A pop-up wedding is a wedding that happens at an existing event. Concerts, music festivals, food fairs, amusement parks – these are just a few of the events we can marry you at.

How does a pop-up wedding happen?
Love Collective will do all of the research and get the necessary permission to have your wedding pop-up at an existing event. We’ll contact the organizers and make all of the arrangements.

What if we don’t have permission for our pop-up wedding?
We like to be legit and we won’t break the law. However, in certain cases we can do a “guerrilla-style” pop-up wedding. The couple being married assumes all the risk, and has to agree to be flexible in case things don’t go as planned. We’ll be flexible too, and you’ll get married no matter what.


What is a wedding share?
A wedding share is just like a regular wedding, split. Several couples share a wedding venue, and all of the associated vendors, for a day. Each couple gets a private time-slot to have their wedding.

Will the weddings overlap during a wedding share?
No. Each time-slot in a wedding share is a completely private event, with no overlap between couples. We provide enough time between weddings to ensure privacy and intimacy for you and your guests.

Will I meet the other couples I’m sharing the day with?
No. Love Collective finds all of the couples and is the point of contact for each couple. There’s no need for couples to meet or interact. If you’d really like to meet the other couples, we can probably introduce you though!

How does a Wedding Share save clients money?
The bulk of most wedding expenses are the venue, staffing, decor and photography. Add a wedding planner, and it goes up even more. A Wedding Share takes all of those big-ticket items and shares the cost between couples. The venue rental fee is split evenly, catering staffing costs are reduced, decor is split evenly and the day rates for photography, officiating and planning are also split evenly. Each couple pays much less than they normally would.