How to Get Married

Shiny-eyed proposals can be followed by the very harsh reality that wedding planning can suck. Rather than write yet another post about how to plan a wedding, this is about how to get married. Because that’s what you’re doing, right? 

1.     Focus on each other.  You’re not having a wedding (ok, well you are) but what you’re really doing is making a commitment to the person you love.  Focus on the LOVE.

2.     Remember this is about marriage. Your wedding day is just one day, but this whole thing that you’re about to embark on is a marriage. It’s a whole new chapter filled with twists and turns and many, many other days.

3.     Prioritize what matters to YOU. This is different for everyone, but it can become clouded by what matters to everyone else in your lives.  A barrage of ideas and opinions from friends and family are well intentioned, but bring yourself back to what YOU want. Set clear boundaries and tell people.

4.     Prioritize what actually matters. I know, I just told you to prioritize what matters to YOU. But, check yourself again and prioritize what actually matters ­­– for that you need to go back to #1. If one of your priorities is sequined tablecloths, see #1.  Sequined tablecloths will be out of fashion a year from now, but you’ll still be stuck with each other.

5.     Don’t get sucked into the Wedding Machine. So, the Wedding Machine is this giant industry that wants you to buy sequined tablecloths.  It wants you to follow the trends and focus on those trends to spend, spend, spend and have a lavish party.  If you feel yourself getting swept up in the Wedding Machine, go back to what actually matters.

6.     Start on a good foot. Do you want to start your marriage in debt from your wedding day? Do you want to fight with your partner or your friends and your family? If any of those things are happening, you’re probably ignoring numbers 1 through 5.

7.     Get married. All you need is a marriage licence, an officiant, two witnesses and a partner to say “I do”.  That is literally all you need, and it can be done for as little as $500.

Maybe your marriage begins with a wedding day that involves a few more people and a little more fanfare but still reflects points 1 through 6?  We’ll be writing part 2 to this post…How to Have a Wedding (for Under $10k). Stay tuned!