SHARE IN A BIG(ish) WAY.  If you can’t imagine not having everyone you love at your wedding, then this is for you!  You'll have a gorgeous wedding in a fab location and split the big costs with one other couple.  

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*The bulk of most wedding expenses is the venue, catering, decor and photography. Add a wedding planner, and it goes up even more. A Love Collective Wedding Share takes all of those big-ticket items and shares the cost between couples. Love Collective does all the planning for you and reduces the stress, waste and budget.  Each couple sharing frolics off into the sunset after paying much less than they normally would for a big, beautiful wedding.

What you get:


A legal ceremony and reception at an awesome location.
Love Collective will choose an amazing location, book the venue and style it. You’ll share the venue and associated costs with another couple and have a private time slot.  


Gorgeous photos. 
Our photographer will capture your wedding from beginning to end.  A few weeks after your wedding, you'll receive edited images in your own personal gallery where you can view, print, download and share them. You'll also receive your images on a USB stick.


Something delicious.
You'll enjoy a sumptuous meal that's been designed around the venue and the season and drinks galore, all of which you can customize to suit your taste.