We’re a collective of professionals who share a common spirit and believe in making the world a better place. The Collective changes to suit the wedding magic we're creating, but this is our core crew of lovers...

Michelle Cliffe, Founder
With a grounding in the fashion industry and over a decade in the non-profit sector, Michelle brings both a keen eye and a big heart to the Collective. She's been doing events and communications for 15 years (and counting), never misses a detail and rolls with the punches. She’s also the owner of A Good Fork.

Christine Love-Hewitt, Photographer
A traveller who is beloved by yogis around the globe, Christine captures the magic, the colour, the light and the love in every moment.

Martin Frith, Officiant
The words, the promise and the heart. Martin’s the kind soul who has solemnized the marriages of hundreds of couples in the GTA. His warmth spills over to everyone he meets.

Paula Martins, Rock
Someone has to make sure we all keep it together! Paula is the charm, the dot on the I and the cross on the T. She’s the P in people-person who shows love to all of our clients.